The Renovation Plan – part 1

The renovation work on our river house will surely continue for years. But part of our mortgage is a budget for initial renovation work. This work will probably last 3 to 4 months and will put us in good shape to really enjoy the spring/summer months.

Exterior Repairs

Garage and gutter work
Garage and gutter work

There are several exterior repairs that we need to tackle immediately. For one, the gutters were hit hard by last winter’s snow and ice. They are coming away from the house in some areas include the garage.

The cupola on the garage was also broken when a branch fell on it during a storm last year. So that needs to be replaced as well.

There is also some exterior rot that needs to be taken care of. Most of it is on the south side of the house where there is a large tree overhanging and close to the house. That tree, a few others, and several large branches that are close to the house will be taken down by an arborist firm.

Windows and Door Move

One of the larger projects that will happen early on will be to move some windows and doors.

Street side of house
Street side of house

The two wide windows on the first floor are going to be move to the kitchen (left side of the above picture). We are then going to center the door on the house. Well, it will be lined up with the middle window on the second floor.

When the wide windows are moved to the kitchen we will then be able to move three normal windows from that side of the house to the front of the house to make it more symmetrical.

Moving Basement Stairs

The basement stairs are currently in the front left of the house. They are steep and there is very little head clearance when going into the basement. So we are going to move those stairs to the opposite corner of the house (back right if looking at the above photo). The stairs to the second floor are there, so we will nest the basement stairs under those stairs like most houses.

Once the basements stairs are moved we will have a 10′ x 10′ area that we will remodel into a laundry room and a pantry.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is by far the biggest (dollar wise) investment we will make in the house in the first year. The current kitchen is pretty basic. The one feature of the kitchen we really love is the large fireplace. Deb wants to use it to do heart cooking!

Current kitchen
Current kitchen

The following video shows a VERY rough idea of how the kitchen will be remodeled. Basically we will take out the door, move in the higher windows to be above counter height, and then install a u-shaped kitchen area with an island. The island will have a black burnished custom cabinetry with an Ocean Green granite countertop.

The wall cabinets will be an antique white with burnished edges and a charcoal grey granite countertop.

We’ll continue detailing more of the renovation work in the next posts.


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