First Weekend

Our closing was scheduled for December 18th, but as it turned out we didn’t close until the 23rd. The mortgage company was a bit ridiculous to work with, but from talking to other people this is not unusual.

We started staying at the house the day we closed. We brought down air mattresses and sleeping bags, a lots of cleaning supplies and started getting to work.

WP_20151226_07_19_27_ProThere are tons of interesting details to this house. Like this claw foot tub with brass fixtures. Everything is cleaning up well – it is just a lot of work. We welcome it though because we wanted a project house.

WP_20151225_07_24_54_ProFreckles is loving it here so far. She has been at the beach several times a day and we’ve done a couple long walks down the railroad tracks.

WP_20151226_16_10_52_Pro (2)Here is a view from the bend near Red 46 looking out towards the Goodspeed Opera House and the East Haddam Swing Bridge.

We started taking down the bookcases in the living room today. This will make way for us to increase the size of the opening in between the kitchen and living room. #1 this will make it have a more open feel. But we also need to get some more furniture in here that won’t fit through the small doorway.

WP_20151226_14_25_48_ProTomorrow is a down day, lunch at mom’s and working before heading into a very busy work and renovation week.



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