January 13th Status Report

It has been a good week on the river – and it’s only Wednesday!

Every morning this week we have been waking up to the most beautiful sunrises. It starts with a thin orange line just over the horizon. As the sky lightens the orange line gets brighter and the sky lightens up enough to see birds flying around the island across the river. Then when the sun breaks over the horizon the orange shoots onto everything in its path. It’s a beautiful shade of orange too. It lasts for about 20-30 minutes until finally the river is in full light.


We’ve been making progress on the wall between the kitchen and the living room. After a quick poll of friends the general consensus was to open the space up. But there was also a caution about making it too open for sound and heating purposes. So we decided on opening it up to be a 5 foot wide opening. Then adding barn doors – a new fad in interior design.

Something like this:


We are using hardware from Everbilt:


I got the opening made and then rewired the outlets and lighting so that the barn doors won’t hit them. We put up the first sheet of sheetrock up tonight.


In other news, we finally got internet access today. Although, it is a temporary line because the cable company needs permission from the railroad to bury our line due to the fact that the pole is on railroad property. I called the railroad today and got the ball rolling on that.

We also ordered a wood stove. After getting the first electric bill we realized that electric baseboard is not sustainable. We will probably install a different system in the summer/fall. But for now a wood stove will heat the entire house more economically and it will help me clean up the branches on the property.

We found a lightly used Lopi Freedom insert with a blower and panel included. Fireworks from Haddam will be doing the install next week. We can’t wait!




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  1. dad says:

    nice job dude!


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