Organization (or lack thereof)

This past week we have done a ton or organizing. But, the place still feels like it is a mess. Some good friends of ours from boating stopped by to see the place when they were in the area. I was really happy to see them. I feel bad that we haven’t yet invited anyone down. We’ve wanted to invite people down, but the place just seems too much of a mess right now. But, it was great that they stopped by though. Looking forward to more visits from friends and family.

This past weekend my brother in law, Gary, helped a TON. We moved two large dressers upstairs and stacked a cord of firewood.


A cool feature the last owner put in is a removable section of floor that allows for easier access when moving furniture. It unscrews from above. Then you remove four beams that are just set in hangers. It leaves a 4 x 8 opening, which is way easier to use that going up the stairs.


Work on the wall between the living room and kitchen has been slow. I’ll save pictures of that for the next post.

The dog has been loving it here! We’ve been taking daily walks on the railroad tracks. It’s the perfect spot to walk her because she can be off-leash, but yet contained between a steep and vine-filled hill and the river. She is in her glory.


Yesterday the wind was so strong it created mini white caps on the river. The dog didn’t even want to go near the water.


But the sun rises continue to be amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of them. Recently I’ve been exploring the property a bit. We have 900 feet of river front. Most of it consists of a level section just below the railroad tracks and then a steep drop to the river. There is tons of brush right now, but I plan to clean it up nicely this spring. The views all along the property are great. There are a couple spots that I think would make great camp sites.


Another big theme this week has been heat. We have been having fires every day. But fires in the fireplace don’t really heat very well. Really looking forward to the wood stove. But I’m also putting a higher priority on making sure we’re not losing heat. This will be a good time of the year to make improvements in energy savings because we’ll see the effects right away.

I’ve already noticed several spots outside that need to be addressed ASAP. Including some rotten sills and dozens of woodpecker holes.


Little by little we are making progress. It just seems so slow. Slower than I had hoped. Oh well, everything in its own time I guess.


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