White snow and black mold

There was a lot going on at the house today. We got to experience our first “snow” while living in the house. And we did a bunch of demo today.

The day started off with a project to get ready for the wood stove that is coming Tuesday. Our mantle was both too low and too narrow for the panel that comes with the wood stove, so it needed to go. That’s okay – I wasn’t in love with the mantle in this room. It wasn’t old – it went with the cabinets that we removed.


It was pretty was pretty easy to remove the mantle. Although there was a mix of Phillips head and square tip screws used. Once the stove is installed I’ll come up with a new mantle that will look good and work with the stove.


Next we tackle some demo in the front of the house. This room was – I guess – a second part of the kitchen.


The plan is to move the location of the front door to where the window is in the picture above. There was also an issue when we bought the house where it was leaking in around the window due to the gutters not being kept clean. So we knew there would be moisture and mold that needed to be taken care of.


First we removed the counter and sink. Then I needed to cut back the pipes and drain that went to the sink. That box to the right of the cabinets was just a way for the pipes and drain to come up from the basement.


Once the cabinets were out the sheetrock behind it was SOAKED and full of mold. So we took that to the dump too. Those two boxes on the floor are electric heaters that were installed under the cabinets.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, we got to experience our first snow today at the house. And it’s January 23rd! Hey, I’m not complaining.

It was cool watching the ice and snow floating down the river today in chunks of what looked like slushy.




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  1. karrieingram@gmail.com says:

    Hey Tim and Debbie,

    I am enjoying the house blog, but wish you would do a picture tour of the entire thing!!

    When I read the black mold post, I felt like I should let you know about something I have used to kill mold and keep it from returning. Even though I know you tore that part of the kitchen out, I thought it might be of interest to you. Young Living…a company that I am totally in love with and completely sold on, has an essential oil blend called Thieves that has been proven to eradicate black mold. The have a diffuser that you use to disperse the oil to completely kill it, rather than scrubbing it away and waiting for it to return, or wondering if it is hiding in places where it can’t be seen.

    Let me know if you want me to find the research, or send you more info. For an older home, the diffuser and oil would be a great investment.

    Can’t wait for the next blog post!

    Later, Karrie

    Sent from Windows Mail


    1. Hey Karrie! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I like the idea of a picture tour. We’ll pull one together for an upcoming post. We certainly have enough “before” pictures. 🙂

      Shoot me a message on Facebook with the information on the diffuser. Sounds interesting!



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