Big changes are comin’

It’s a while since my last post mostly because we’ve been really busy with all sorts of work and planning.

For starters, we had our wood stove put in. It has been great to be able to turn the electric baseboards OFF. The stove has kept the house comfortable enough and sometimes even too hot. We’ll take it after the cold weeks where we were trying to keep the temps low and not use the electric baseboards.

WP_20160126_14_44_48_Pro 1

Along with the wood stove we picked up a fire pit for the deck. I used some block that was laying around to protect the decking. We had our first fire Sunday with our neighbors. It was awesome and hopefully the first of many more great nights on the deck.


The views just keep impressing us. I can’t imagine us ever getting sick of being around such beauty. After a long day of work it is great to come home and see views like this one.


I was able to get one of the barn doors up last night. We’re waiting to determine finish colors until the kitchen is in, but it looks great so far.

WP_20160201_21_04_31_Pro 1

Speaking of doors, this past week I spent a lot of time shopping for, and picking up doors. I got a new front door from The House of Doors in Salem. Good selection, but crappy service. Not sure I’d go back there again unless I was in a pinch.

I ended up with a pretty nice door. We’re thinking of painting the front door either black or red. It will depend on the final color for the house in the spring.


I also picked up French doors for the deck. I found a set of steel doors at Lowes for $450. They had great reviews. This probably isn’t our long term door, but it will do for now.

It was crazy getting it back to the house. The packaging said to transport it standing up. Ok…


So, today starts the BIG part of the renovations. We’re moving doors and windows to accommodate the kitchen remodel. On the side of the house we’re taking out the door that is there and putting in the French door where the left two windows are now. Then, where the door and right window are we are putting in a wide over-the-counter window.


We’re taking those three windows plus the new front door and making the front of the house more symmetrical. Door will be in the middle of the house with two windows on each side.

Street side of house
Street side of house

Stay tuned for the next post. There will be lots of changes between now and then!



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  1. Mark says:

    Difficult, long, and tedious, but is looking great. Do you see the light yet? That is the one at the end of the tunnel. Dad


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