This past week has really felt like we are very disorganized. Walls are open and we’ve had delays due to weather. Speaking of weather, we’ve had a lot more to do around the house because of the weather. Mainly keeping warm with the wood stove. Between bringing wood in, maintaining the fire and stacking new wood we probably spent 12+ hours on that this week alone.

WP_20160204_12_05_08_Pro 1

Also, work began on the biggest part of the project this past week – window and door moves. Above is a pic of two of the kitchen windows being removed.


Our contractors work hard that day to remove those two windows and put in our French doors. We REALLY like the way the French doors look. They really open it up from inside.

WP_20160204_16_15_55_Pro 1

Last Friday came the snow, so work was halted for a bit. The beauty of the river did not halt though. Every day is a different look, color, sound…


Freckles is in heaven. She loves going out and exploring just was much (or more) than we do. She is getting familiar with the places she can go explore, the bathroom places, and the places to stay away from.

One of her favorite things is tree stumps. She’ll stick her head into every crack and crevasse she can.


Over the weekend Deb and I moved the rest of the wiring that we needed to get out of the way for the next phase of the project. We’re losing lights and switches like crazy. I can’t wait until we can start adding them back in!



Yesterday, another snow storm. We turned up the stove and hunkered down for the day. I installed a new light next to the barn doors and put up the second barn door. They came out really great!


The scones we chose for the sides of the doors are pretty cool. They match the look of the door and have really cool Edison bulbs.


More work was done today. The kitchen door was removed and the wall readied to accept the windows that will go over the new sink.



I’ll leave you with one last view of the river. I woke up one morning and the color was so amazing I ran down to the river and snapped this beauty.




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