The Windows and Doors Project

Part of our plan for the changes to the kitchen and front entrance involved moving some doors and windows. At the same time, our planned changes were designed to also improve the look of the exterior of the house.

We really didn’t like the look of the front of the house when we bought it. The windows and doors were really asymmetrical. And the front door was off to the right and not very welcoming.


So we centered the front door and put in three windows like the one in the right of the photo above and had them lined up with the windows on the second floor.


Our contractor used PVC jams for the windows as well as PVC trim to prevent links and rotting in the future.

On the side of the house where the kitchen was to go there was a door in the way. We also needed higher windows to go over the counter/sink.


So we took one of the wide/short windows from the front of the house and used it on the side of the house and then installed brand new French doors to make entry easier and to help with the views.


Overall we’re really happy with the changes both inside and out!



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