The Kitchen Project

The biggest project in our phase one renovation is the kitchen. Both from a time perspective and a cost perspective. We’ve just recently gotten to a point where I feel like we’re close to done. Not yet, but close.

In the Floor Project post I showed the kitchen space empty. It started getting filled up again when Derek Fenton of Fenton Interiors showed up with our cabinets. We went with custom cabinets because Derek could provide us a much higher quality for our dollar than other options we looked at.


Derek started by hanging the uppers, making sure they were level. Level is not necessarily straight in this house. So he had to accommodate for beams and floors that were not plumb. I guess that s what we bought into when we bought this house. 🙂


As soon as Derek put in the cabinet for the sink we knew we made the right choice in moving the three-pane window into this room and placing it where we did. The view out of the window is GREAT and the window fit perfectly above the sink.


Derek then brought in the base for the island. We went with a black for the island and white for the cabinets. The idea was to make the island look more like a piece of furniture. Derek put a dark green under the black and then rubbed the black off in some spots to make it look a little worn. The effect came out great – in person. Photos don’t really do it justice.


Debbie was happy when we were finally able to place the appliances. We bought Kenmore Pro appliances (stove, microwave/convection, disk washer and fridge). Deb couldn’t wait to start cooking. 🙂

Of course, while we were working on the kitchen we still took time out to enjoy the sites and sounds of the river and spring slowly but surely starting coming.


For the cabinet hardware we checked out the big box stores. But we didn’t really find anything nice there. Derek turned us on to Cabinet Hardware in West Hartford. Holy smokes, this place was GREAT. Hundreds of styles of hardware in all price ranges. We ended up going with something simple that looks good on both the white and black cabinets.


The granite on the island is my favorite part of the entire kitchen. We searched several granite places and finally found this at New York Stone in West Haven. I highly recommend this place too. Great selection and the people were awesome to work with.

IMG_0864-2 [347475]

Our fabricators for the granite were Centennial in New Haven. They came out once the cabinets were in place, created a template and had the granite installed within a week. Awesome job!

IMG_0868-2 [347473]

While the weather was good we got the raft in the water. It was AWESOME to be able to pull up to our own beach.


The landing was easy because of the grade of the beach and luckily we’re in stony section of the river. Not rocky or mucky. The house looked pretty awesome from the river as we went by on the raft too.

IMG_1065-1 [349279]

Dad and I worked on the backsplash. We decided to put up bead board. #1 it matched other patterns in the kitchen. #2 it was cheap and #3 it was easy to put up.

IMG_1090-3 [347866]


Stay tuned for more updates on the kitchen. There is too much for just one post. 🙂






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