Walkway Project

The front of the house has been a bit neglected this summer. We’ve been spending so much time on the water that we just haven’t kept up the yard as good as we should have.

So this week I decided to do something that will make a difference. The walkway has been driving me nuts for a while because it is really overgrown with grass. It hard to do anything with the grass because it is thick and in every space between the stones.


I had a feeling that the walkway could look really nice if cleaned up. So I started going at the grass one day. I first killed the grass with Round Up. Then I went at the dead grass with a grout tool. On the edges I used by shovel to dig a small trench as a spacer.


It took quite a while to get the entire walkway cleaned up. Once I did I added some simple stone to the edging.


Next I wept in some Perma Sand in the cracks. This stuff works great. It starts off just like normal sand. You dump it on and then use a broom to sweep it into the cracks. When that is done you use a leaf blower at low setting to blow the remaining sand off the top of the stones.


The last step is to wet it down and let it set. In an hour or so the sand is hardened up. This make sit easier to keep dirt and in turn plants from growing between the cracks.


I may end up adding more sand in spots where it is low. But I think it came out pretty good.

Time to relax! Tonight we flagged the train down. They took us to the marina. Then we went out to dinner. Good quick night with the family.



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