The Kid’s Bathroom

The kid’s bathroom project rose on the priority list when a split pipe caused us to have to open a wall behind the shower. Then some mice found their way in and made a mess. So I got the mandate from Deb to get the bathroom cleaned up and remodeled before the kids come home for Thanksgiving break.

Here are a couple pictures of the bathroom before. (They aren’t that great)


Notice the sink. Although somewhat authentic, it wasn’t very practical for the kids.


The wallpaper was not something the kids really loved. And the room just felt really tight.

I started off by patching the hole behind the shower. I cleaned out the mouse mess and then repacked it with insulation. I added a layer of plastic before sheet rocking it in.


The chimney stack was right behind the shower. But there was a gap that was wide open from the attic, which is where the mice were coming in from. I filled that in with insulation and then boarded up and sealed around it with anti-rodent spray in foam insulation.


Next I remove the old sink. It was a pretty easy job since the counter just sat on an Ikea-like cabinet. The big problem was that they tiled AROUND the cabinet. And the missing tiles didn’t line up with my plans for a new cabinet.


Next I worked on removing the wallpaper. That was by far the most time-consuming part of the entire project. I then painted the room using a couple shades of gray. (Not 50)


Oh yeah – before we painted we bought a new cabinet to hold the sink. We got it from an antiques place in Old Saybrook. Here it is with the old sink on top of it when we were checking out how it would look.


So next I installed new lighting above the sink. I went with some short pendants that I found at Shagbark that matched the room color really nice.


I replaced the door hardware with new hardware that actually has all of the pieces and works!


The most exciting part was the installation of a new sink. I searched high and low for a nice vessel sink. White ones were okay, but I wanted something a little different. I found this neat fish sink on Wayfair along with the faucet.


To install it I cut out sections of the back of the cabinet to access the piping. I used a small trim radial saw, which worked really well.


I screwed the cabinet to the wall so it wouldn’t move. I also cut out a portion of the drawer so that we could still use it, but have it wrap around the plumbing.


A few finishing touches and the room looks really great. I think the kids will be happy with it.







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janice Terminator says:

    Nice job looks great!!!!


  2. Gene says:

    Really looks nice. Great job!


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