Doors, doors, doors…

Its been a while since I’ve added a new post to the blog. But, I have been busy and am ready to start catching up. This post is about two door projects I recently worked on.

The first project was painting the barn doors that are in between the kitchen and living room. I built and hung them last spring, but haven’t gotten around to painting them yet. To start, I took off the hardware and brought them down to the basement.


I filled in all of the screw holes with wood putty. Then sanded down the doors so they were smooth. Next, I added a base coat. My plan was to have them look like the island, which has a green base coat covered with a charcoal. Then the charcoal is sanded down in certain places to reveal the green. So, here is the green.


And here is the charcoal, added after two coats of green on both sides.


After the charcoal dried I started with sandpaper in a crisscross pattern.


I did each board separately, but allowed the sander to overlap onto the next board. In the areas where the wood was uneven the sanding brought out the bare wood. I really liked this look, showing bare wood to green to charcoal, so I did it in purpose in some other random places.

Next I rubbed the doors down with steel wool in a circular pattern. This softened the look and made the feel of the doors really silky.


I then brushed off the dust and washed the doors down to clean up the dust. All that was left was to hang them and add handles. I got the handles from Lowes. They are made by Stanley.


The other door project I completed was adding a glass shower door to the downstairs shower. It’s a totally clear door, so the photos don’t really show it will. But, here is the before…


The hardest part of this job was drilling the holes needed to mount the support. I used a 5/16″ diamond hole saw to drill through the tile. It took a little getting used to. At first the saw was walking away from the targeted area. Then, I read the directions. You hold the saw at a sharp angle at first, then slowly bring it to 90 degrees with the wall. Keeping the hole wet throughout to save the bit.

After about an hour I had the 6 holes drilled and ready to go so I could mount the support.


The door is a Kohler Revel 36″ door. I picked it up at Lowes. Actually had it ordered and shipped there because they didn’t have it in stock.

Once the frame was up, putting in the glass was easy. I got the glass leveled and added silicone as needed to keep it water tight. I was really happy with the results and the operation of this door. I’d recommend it to someone doing a similar project.


Stay tuned for most updates in the next few days. (I have some time this week!)




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